DIY Plate Chargers

If you ventured over here from my Vintage Circus Baby Shower, then you know that I had lots of projects going on to make my sweet little sister’s shower colorful and fun.

One thing I absolutely love creating is a great tablescape!

It makes entertaining so much more enjoyable.

DIY Plate Chargers_Party Decor_My Creative HappyD

Now with my sister’s shower, I wanted the main color to be orange, with various shades of melon and coral.  And since I didn’t own any orange-colored plates (or melon, or coral), nor was I planning to invest in any, I had to rely on good ol’ party plates.

Party plates, by themselves, are a bit boring.

And I don’t do boring.

I needed a cheap and easy way to add some more fun and color to the table, and that’s when I decided to create my own DIY Plate Chargers.

These are super easy to make and you can pretty much choose any color scheme you’d like!


What You’ll Need:

  1. Scrapbook paper
  2. 12 inch cake circles
  3. Tacky Spray Glue

DIY Plate Chargers_Party Decor_My Creative Happy

DIY Plate Chargers_Party Decor_My Creative Happy



Step 1:  Lay your scrapbook paper pattern side down.  Be sure you are aware of the location of the barcode tab each time, because you don’t want that included in your charger.  Learn from my mistake…Grrrr.

Step 2:  Spray one 12 inch cake circle with Aleene’s Tacky Spray.  It’s important that you spray in an alternate location of where you are actually working.  I made the mistake of spraying the first cake circle directly on my craft table.  You do need to spray along the circle edge so the paper will adhere completely, so it does leave a residue outline around your circle.  This caused my second piece of paper to stick to the table.  I had to stop and wash the glue off the table before continuing.  I sprayed the rest over a separate piece of cardboard and had no more issues.

Step 3:  Lay the cake circle sticky-side down over scrapbook paper.  Smooth over.  Then flip the cake circle and smooth again.  (The image below is actually a 9-inch cake circle I used for my Vintage Circus Cupcake Stand, but the process is the same.  Just note the 12 inch cake circle will cover the majority of the paper.)

DIY Plate Chargers_Party Decor_My Creative Happy

Step 4:  Cut the outside edges off.  I initially used an X-acto knife for the first one, but found that scissors actually did the job better.

Step 5:  Repeat for each diy plate charger you need.


Finished DIY Plate Chargers

I made eleven plate chargers in total, but here were the six main colors/patterns I used:

DIY Plate Chargers_Party Decor_My Creative Happy

So easy!!!

And so cute.

DIY Plate Chargers_Party Decor_My Creative Happy

DIY Plate Chargers_Party Decor_My Creative Happy

If you would like to view more do-it-yourself projects, head over to Oh Baby: A Vintage Circus Baby Shower!

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