A Wintry Valentine Decor

I love Valentine’s Day.  Love, love, love it.  Always have.

But for one reason or another this year, it kept getting closer and closer, and I had not decorated.  And we all have all been there–wanting to decorate, planning it in our heads, and then not finding the time.

I had put so much time and effort into last year’s Valentine’s Day Decor, starting crafts early in January and working through until almost the day of, and then this year…eh…not so much.

But because I did not want to disappoint my family, I decided that a little bit of decorating was better than nothing. So I brought down the bin of hearts and all things red and pink, and tried to shuffle through to see what I could pull together.

And then it started like this.

I added a few pink flowers to my Winter wreath.  Just to see what it looked like.

And I kind of liked it.

So I decided to go with it.

Much of the decor you see above was part of my Winter Decor place setting (that you did not really get to see in my previous post).  You never got to see it because..well…honestly…I misplaced three of the napkins I wanted to use.  I brought them upstairs to iron them, because yes, I am the type of person who does not like wrinkles in her cloth napkins, and when I brought them upstairs, they sort of disappeared.  Which seems a little strange, but if you saw the laundry issue we have going on upstairs, it would make perfect sense.

So, yes.  Napkins totally halted the photo shoot of my Winter Table.

I decided to continue adding pink and white snowy flowers here and there to transition from a Winter Decor to a Valentine Decor.

A rather Wintry Valentine Decor.

(And yes, I did finally locate those darn napkins.)

I love seeing the pink mixed in with the icy bouquet.

It reminded me of spring trying to break through the snow.

Here I used my DIY Birch Vase to give the table a more earthy, woodsy look.

I just love these rustic wood table chargers.  I wasn’t sure if they would look good with Valentine’s Day, but they did!


Living Room

I decided to incorporate a little more pink in the living room by reusing last year’s tea lights.  I love these!  They give off such a pretty glow at night.

I surrounded the tea lights with the same flowers I used in my previous Valentine’s Day Tablescape.

Proof that decor can be used and reused again and again.

I added a white heart garland.

This was a very easy craft.  You can find these foam hearts at Michaels or Walmart.  I simply strung a few together using pink yarn.

I removed the Mercury pine cones from my Winter Decor and added little fabric hearts instead.

You can get more info on these sewn hearts in last year’s Valentine’s Day post.

Just a few more pictures…


Very simple as you can see, but just enough pink (and enough hearts) to make me and the family happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “A Wintry Valentine Decor

  1. Terry McMahan

    Beautiful as always!!!!❤ Dad

  2. Bink

    Your colors are blush and bashful ❤️

    • I sure do hope you said that in your best Georgian accent.

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