Bohemian Casual Headboard

Okay, before we start this easy tutorial, let me share with you a few things. My bedroom is a pain in the rear. It is not a room I am necessarily ready to share with you, because it is nowhere near where I want it to be.  It will get there, and I do have

Happy Halloween: Crafts, Decor & More

Here I go again, flaunting my newbie status, posting about Halloween in November.  Ha! But regardless of my slow-pokedness, the Hedlunds do love some Halloween.   And this year was no different! Plus, we had my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew visiting, and I am telling you, they pretty much nailed Halloween this year!  Loved, loved, loved their

DIY Halloween Garland

This year–with a little push from my youngest–I decorated for Halloween.  In the midst of making spell books and spooky potions with my little one, I decided to make a (more grown-up) Halloween banner for my mantle. I have forever loved this Halloween Banner seen on Pinterest.  Seriously, every time this pin pops up, I swoon.

DIY Rustic Flag of South Carolina

  We  South Carolinians love our state flag.  I mean capital L.O.V.E. If you’ve visited anywhere in South Carolina, I guarantee you’ve seen it.  It’s on everything.  Mugs, belts, hats, flip flops, decorative license plates.  I’m telling you, people love it. And how can one not? A palmetto tree.  A crescent moon. For a state flag,

DIY Birch Cone Trees

So, I was walking through Home Goods this past November, checking out all of their wonderful Christmas decorations, and I came across a set of two gorgeous Birch Cone Christmas Trees that I instantly fell in love with. The only problem… They were $40 each.  Yuck.  Did I really want to spend eighty dollars on cone trees?

DIY Feather Napkin Rings

Anybody watching the news a few weeks back knows my beautiful city of Charleston basically shut down for a few days while we all dealt with the onslaught of Hurricane Joaquin’s rains (four solid days of it), high tides, and flash floods.  Schools and businesses closed, roads closed, and then, the entire peninsula shut down. For

DIY Pirate Ship Mobile

If you ventured over here from my Pirate-Inspired Boy Bathroom, then you know that while I was in the midst of decorating the boys’ playroom bathroom, I found and fell in love with Ann Wood’s Boat Mobiles.  They are incredibly beautiful, and I thought something similar would be the perfect addition to the bathroom.  Ann Wood