Easy Laundry Room Shelving

There has been a room in our house that has driven me absolutely batty since we moved in. And it’s the laundry room. Let me give you a quick explanation of why I loathe this room. It has to do with the oddly shaped floor plan, and particularly, this awkwardly placed wall. You like how the

The Year of the Ugly

Yes, I know.  My last post was in October. I missed Thanksgiving.  And Christmas.  And I had beautiful tablescapes.  My mother-in-law told me that my Thanksgiving table has been my prettiest table so far, and I know mother-in-laws are supposed to say sweet things like that, but she truly meant it.  So shame on me

Rustic Cement Table

Okay, this is one of those projects I started a very long time ago, finished a somewhat-long time ago, and just never got around to blogging about until now.   Which, let’s face it, is how most of my posts are going to go this summer.  There are several reasons for this particular delay, mostly annoying little

Project Playroom: Part 2

Okay, so when I left you last, we were making a big mess changing a mother-in-law suite over to a playroom.  If you haven’t had a chance to read how I avoided being crushed to death by a large cabinet, you can certainly check it out here: Project Playroom: Part 1.  For now, the craft room section of the

Project Playroom: Part 1

I’m glad I was able to share some of the more beautiful rooms in my house with you all on my last post Happy House: A Year in Progress before we head downstairs to the first floor and take a frightening look at the destructiveness known as (cue scary music): The Playroom Oh, boy, where do I even