Winter Woodland Tablescape

Okay, I have serious issues. Because what I was supposed to be doing was this: putting away Christmas decorations.  And I did do that (hmm…for the most part).  But when I got to my Christmas Table Decor, and I started putting away the holiday plates, and the glass Christmas trees, and anything else directly related to

Christmas Tablescape

Well, you can tell that I am still a newbie blogger, because I could not, for the life of me, get my act together to blog about my Christmas decor before the actual holiday itself.  Blame it on being a full-time working mother, or the fact that I crammed too much into one already-busy month,

Fall in Blush

Welcome to my Fall Home Tour.  This year, I decided to go pink.  Non-traditional, I know, but I love muted pinks and blush tones.  There’s a softness to those colors that just lends itself to a season of knitted mittens, and fuzzy blankets, and snuggles by a crackling fire. I love Fall, can you tell? Tablescape I thoroughly enjoy decorating my

Autumn Reminisce

It’s so hard to decorate for fall when it’s still so hot here in Charleston, but don’t think for one second that I’m not silently begging the weather to change!  I’m ready for crisp breezes, and sweaters, and pumpkins, and the smell of fireplaces smoking in the evening.  I’m ready for acorns, and crunchy leaves, and chili

My Sweet Easter

Oh my goodness!!  March has almost come and gone, and I’ve haven’t dedicated nearly half as much time towards Easter as I would have liked!  It seems as if this month truly came in roaring like a lion.  We’ve been on the go, go, go this March.  Hubby and I traveled to Boston earlier this month.

A Muted Valentine Decor

Happy Valentine’s Day! I had a lot of fun decorating my home this February.  I definitely went with a more muted color-scheme this year.  I wanted Valentine’s Day to blend in with the existing decor, so I chose to go with a very clean white look in the living room, and some muted corals and blush-tones