Bohemian Casual Headboard

Okay, before we start this easy tutorial, let me share with you a few things.

My bedroom is a pain in the rear.

It is not a room I am necessarily ready to share with you, because it is nowhere near where I want it to be.  It will get there, and I do have a vision, but right now, the room–as a whole–is a hodgepodge mess.

However, because of this hodgepodge mess, I have made something pretty.  And I happen to like sharing pretty things with you.

I am a little torn.

So we will compromise.  You, reader, will not judge the lack of decor you will clearly see, the unfinished projects you will probably notice, or the pile of laundry on Hubby’s nightstand that I did not even bother to hide.  And I, writer, will be brave and open my bedroom door.

Sound reasonable?

Yes, okay.

So here is a glimpse of what the headboard looked like when we received it about twelve years ago (ignore the hot glue–I will explain that in a minute).

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

It was a hand-me-down from Hubby’s family.  It has cane webbing which I love.  But the cane webbing had a few small holes. I am not sure why small babies are attracted to small holes, but they are.  So over time, my small baby put his little baby fingers into the small holes until the small holes became bigger and bigger.  Until finally, I had what looked to me like two eyes and a weirdly distorted mouth punched out in one of the cane webbing squares. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t like seeing faces in my headboard.  It’s like Poltergeist-80s-creepy.

So I set out to fix it in a creatively cheap way.  I bought a bamboo table runner from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and hot-glued that sucker across the front of my headboard.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

And let me tell you, people, for about eight years, this little improvement served its purpose.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy


But you know, then I had to go do this thing where I started (slowly) improving our bedroom. I got rid of the nightstands you see above and bought two Tarva dressers from IKEA.  If you are not familiar with these, they come unfinished.  I decided to paint them gray and add grass cloth to the front of the drawers.  I’ve only finished one so far–the other is still in its natural pine state.  It’s been that way for months. Hubby keeps asking when he’s going to get his nice, new nightstand.

Then we bought a 6-drawer Tarva dresser for the left wall.  We stained that with Special Walnut.

Suddenly, I had several pieces of furniture in the room, and all of them had different wood stains.  I am not about matchy-matchy, but I do like things to compliment each other.

And these were not.

The headboard, in particular, was looking too orange compared to the gray-browns I was trying to introduce to the room.

It was time for a change once again.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

Only this time, I was thinking about going with a more softer look.

I looked into making a tufted headboard.


After reading a couple of tutorials, I quickly decided that there is a limit to my DIY skills, and making fabric covered buttons is that limit.  That one small detail of making a tufted headboard sounded so horrible and so tedious to me, I think if I attempted it, I just might have been pushed to commit acts of violence.

It’s good to recognize these potential DIY issues and then steer clear of them.

So my headboard remained as is.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

Until one day, I decided I needed a quick fix. The fix didn’t have to be difficult.  It didn’t even have to be permanent.  It just had to cover the headboard I currently had.

So I grabbed a twin-size foam egg crate from my son’s closet.  And I stapled it to the front of my existing headboard. I did not have to cut down the foam mattress or anything.  It was the perfect width for my king-size bed.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

I wrapped a portion of the foam over the top of the headboard and stapled it to the back as well.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

I was initially going to just place fabric right over the foam, but since I had some batting leftover from another project, I decided to wrap both sides to help make the edges smoother and to hide the wood frame between.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

Then I added my fabric.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

This fabric is actually a curtain panel.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are actually great places to pick up decent priced fabrics.  I always check out their curtains and shower curtains–not because I need either–but because they usually have pretty chic designs.  I had actually bought these curtains to use to make throw pillows.  The headboard was an added bonus!

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

Because this fabric had a horizontal design, I had to be really careful to get it level before stapling it to the headboard.  The eye will notice if horizontal lines are slanted. (By the way, I ironed this curtain really well before adding it to the headboard–wrinkles will make the project look unfinished).

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

Next I added my little Bohemian touch.  This is one extra large beach towel I picked up a while back from either Marshalls or TJMaxx.  I had actually planned (again) to use the fabric to make two throw pillows for my bed, because I absolutely loved the different colored stripes together.  It also has some silver metallic thread in it as well, and it is just really pretty.

Plus I am currently in love with fringe.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

I was very particular with getting the vertical stripes straight (you can see I had just finished the left side, but the right side still needs some tweaking).

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

The room still needs so much work, but I am getting closer and closer with each little project I complete.

Bohemian Casual Headboard | DIY | My Creative Happy

I am very pleased with my easy fix and my much softer looking headboard.

Thank you so much for stopping by, reading about my little project, and not judging the laundry too much.

Kelly Hedlund | My Creative Happy

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