Winter Decor

I am one of those rare individuals that absolutely loves Winter. And if you love a season, I firmly believe you should incorporate it in your home decor. So instead of decorating for Valentine’s Day just yet, I am still relishing in cold snaps and crackling fires, bare branches, and fur blankets.   Front Entry […]

Happy Halloween: Crafts, Decor & More

Here I go again, flaunting my newbie status, posting about Halloween in November.  Ha! But regardless of my slow-pokedness, the Hedlunds do love some Halloween. And this year was no different! Plus, we had my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew visiting, and I am telling you, they pretty much nailed Halloween this year!  Loved, loved, loved their costumes! […]

DIY Rustic Flag of South Carolina

  We  South Carolinians love our state flag.  I mean capital L.O.V.E. If you’ve visited anywhere in South Carolina, I guarantee you’ve seen it.  It’s on everything.  Mugs, belts, hats, flip flops, decorative license plates.  I’m telling you, people love it. And how can one not? A palmetto tree.  A crescent moon. For a state flag, […]