Christmas Tablescape

Well, you can tell that I am still a newbie blogger, because I could not, for the life of me, get my act together to blog about my Christmas decor before the actual holiday itself.  Blame it on being a full-time working mother, or the fact that I crammed too much into one already-busy month, or that I was still happily decorating up until our Christmas Eve dinner for nineteen people, but it just didn’t happen.

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DIY Birch Cone Trees

So, I was walking through Home Goods this past November, checking out all of their wonderful Christmas decorations, and I came across a set of two gorgeous Birch Cone Christmas Trees that I instantly fell in love with.

The only problem…

They were $40 each.  Yuck.  Did I really want to spend eighty dollars on cone trees?  No, I did not.  But I did really, really like them.  So I did this sort-of creepy stalker-shopper thing.  You know what I’m talking about?  Where you reach out to put an item in your cart, and then you pull your arm away because your conscience is already reprimanding you.  And then, just in case anyone happens to be looking, you browse over all the other things nearby on the shelf, but really, all you are doing is thinking about the one thing you aren’t looking at.  So you put it in your cart.  And then you take it out again.  Because, damn it, $80 can go a lot further than two trees! Then you make yourself move on, but just as you round the corner, you sort of look back and stare at it again.  See?  Creepy stalker.

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