The Miter Saw Queen

This is the story of a girl.

A girl who knew nothing about tools.  A girl who, every time she wanted to do projects around the house (and this was something she wanted to do a lot), had to rely on her husband’s help.

And don’t get me wrong, the girl’s husband was very kind, and he did help.  Often.

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Winter Decor | Decorating in January

Winter is my favorite season.

There is something beautiful in the blue-gray sky of winter, and of stark trees with twiggy branches.  I love cold air where you can see your breath, and frost on windows, and I get excited about wearing a sweater and scarf over shorts and flipflops.  Maybe this stems from growing up in Florida, where winters are imaginary, and too many Christmases were spent in nontraditional-75-degree-weather-with-a-nice-touch-of-humidity, but I adore winter. (Seriously, who has ever read A Night Before Christmas where he throws open the shutters to green grass!?)

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Winter Woodland Tablescape

Okay, I have serious issues.

Because what I was supposed to be doing was this: putting away Christmas decorations.  And I did do that (hmm…for the most part).  But when I got to my Christmas Table Decor, and I started putting away the holiday plates, and the glass Christmas trees, and anything else directly related to Christmas, what I had left on the table looked….well, quite pretty.

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