My Sweet Easter

Oh my goodness!!  March has almost come and gone, and I’ve haven’t dedicated nearly half as much time towards Easter as I would have liked!  It seems as if this month truly came in roaring like a lion.  We’ve been on the go, go, go this March.  Hubby and I traveled to Boston earlier this month.  Hubby goes every year to the Boston Seafood Show, and this year, I tagged along too.  While he walked around all day looking at seafood and ventured back to the hotel each evening smelling like fried shrimp, I shopped and did touristy things, and came back very knowledgeable about all-things Boston.  And although everyone else in the city seemed positively over the snow, Hubs and I absolutely relished in the white stuff (that’s what growing up in one-season-only Florida will do)!

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