DIY Feather Napkin Rings

Anybody watching the news a few weeks back knows my beautiful city of Charleston basically shut down for a few days while we all dealt with the onslaught of Hurricane Joaquin’s rains (four solid days of it), high tides, and flash floods.  Schools and businesses closed, roads closed, and then, the entire peninsula shut down. For

DIY Pirate Ship Mobile

If you ventured over here from my Pirate-Inspired Boy Bathroom, then you know that while I was in the midst of decorating the boys’ playroom bathroom, I found and fell in love with Ann Wood’s Boat Mobiles.  They are incredibly beautiful, and I thought something similar would be the perfect addition to the bathroom.  Ann Wood

Painted Glass Lamp Tutorial

Have you ever known exactly what you wanted in an item, but either couldn’t find it…or found it, but couldn’t stomach the price?  Well, that’s precisely what I have been going through the last few months. Early January, we had almost finished our office built-ins, and I knew I wanted to put two lamps on either end of

Frosted Valentine Glass

I love Valentine’s Day.  I have since I was a little girl.  I love tiny red hearts and curled pink ribbon and store windows decorated festively. I love Valentines…real Valentines…the little cards tucked inside tiny envelopes with your name printed on the front that were passed out on a windy school day in February. I can still feel

February Mania

  February tends to take my creative insanity to a whole new level.  Not only am I usually preparing for the (wonderfully girly) holiday of hearts and lace and all shades pink, decorating my home and making homemade Valentines with both boys, but I am also usually knee deep in some themed birthday craft for the little one. I

DIY Gold Leaf PEN Art

I’m having a little love affair with anything gold lately.  Just check out my Gold Accents board on Pinterest, and you’ll see just how much I adore all things that glitter and gleam. Anyway, this latest craft popped into my head just the other night as I was enjoying some me time wandering the aisles at Hobby Lobby

DIY Geometric Painting

I have been loving some geometric patterns lately!!!  You can find them almost anywhere nowadays: on rugs, curtains, pillow covers, coasters, scarves.  I came across this fun print below on Pinterest (via Freedom) and immediately saw the makings of a little DIY craft flash before my eyes. That’s how quickly I work, really. As soon as I see something